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How to Add Effects to Videos Online?

The Video Effects platform has different effects in its library (and more are on the way).
Using our online platform, you can quickly add one or more of these effects to a video.

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Upload Your Video

Import your video from your local storage by clicking the Upload Video button. You can upload videos in MP4 or MOV file type.

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Add Effects to Video

Preview the effect in the library. Then, select the desired effect and click the Add button to apply. You can apply multiple effects to the video!

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Preview & Download

Preview the video you have edited and click the Download button to save the video in MP4 straight to your local disk. Effects Platform Page BG Effects Platform Page BG Float start

Add Vibrant Neon Effect Around a Person Instantly

A feature that makes Online Video Effects platform stand out is the popular Neon Effects.
Automatically add neon ring effects, neon line effects, neon luminous line effects and other neon effects
all around the subject of your clip. Time to become a viral sensation on social media!

add neon ring effects mediaio

Neon Ring Effects

A neon-colored ring effect that can be added around a person in the video.

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Beam Edge Flow Effects

Beam Edge Flow Effects

Make your subject in the picture more visually pleasing by adding a flowy beam.

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Neon Flow Effects

The neon flow and multicolor flow effects are ideal for making your video compelling.

Neon Flow Effects
Neon Lightning Twined Effects

Neon Lightning Twined Effects

With this lightning-twinned effect, you can create lightning around the body.

Neon Flashing Outline Effects

Neon Flashing Outline Effects

With this flashing outline effect, you can outline a person with a 'flashy' effect to make the video more fun and engaging.

Neon Flashing Outline Effects
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And there are more to make your content stand out...

Clone Yourself in Videos without a Green Screen

Cloning yourself in a video does not require a video overlay if you do it with the Online Video Effects Platform. Simply import a video and it will automatically duplicate a layer in after effects. Moreover, there are other assets, such as ghost effects, glitches and more, for you to apply after adding the cloning effects.

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multi screen effects
more ai portrait effect
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What Makes Online Video Effects Unique?

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Add Effects to Video Anywhere

Apply video effects on your browser in minutes without downloading an app. No video editing software is needed.

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Add Visual Effects with AI Easily

An AI-powered online video effect platform designed for anyone, and no video editing experience is required.

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Trendy Visual Effects at Your Fingertips

Choose trendy visual effects from the library and add them to your video. Time to make your videos go viral!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Video Effects Platform

1. How do I add effects to a video online?

Step 1: Upload the video in mp4 or mov format. The maximum video size is up to 50MB.
Step 2: Click the desired video effects and then click "Add" to apply it.
Step 3: Click the "Download" button when it's ready!

No, the online video effects tool is free and does not add a watermark to the videos you edit with it. By simply signing up for the service, you will get 5 minutes free download

With, you can apply different effects to your video. Currently, you can apply AI-portrait-related effects, split screen effects, glitch effects, and clone effects to the video directly without any constraints. But there will be more such as HS, retro, and screen shake effects.

Yes, you can do that with online video editor.

We're sorry, but we don't provide sound effects on the Effects platform currently. You can find sound effects in the online video editor.

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With Video Effects, I can effortlessly improve the quality of the videos I made. It makes me happy when I send the meaning videos to my loved ones.

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Your videos can't go viral if it has laggy transitions. That's when I have started using's and added special effects to my videos to make them look more appealing.

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My videos are so attention-grabbing and all my friends just enjoyed it — I edit my videos and add the Neon effect with This online video editor is highly recommended!

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I wanted to make my videos trendier and more fashionable. And that's why I picked's Online Video Effects. I can choose from a broad range of effects, such as Beam Edge Flow and Flashing Outline, to enhance my video!

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